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Punish the Guilty

Mike Ghouse, October 31, 2007

We have to take bold steps to put an end to terrorism. Any one who disrupts the peace of the nation must be tried as a criminal without giving him a religious shade. We have "protected" criminals too long; be it in Kashmir, Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi, Ayodhya or any where else. If we do not bring Justice, the problems would continue to linger. It shifts our energies from prospering to dealing with unabated terrorism. Let the law of the land prevail.

We have to factor in the fact that the extremists will label this as a religious issue, I insist, it is not. It is the issue of violating the laws of the land by individuals and we have to treat them as criminals and punish them whatever the law allows. No one should be above the law.

If we want peace and stable societies, we have to take the responsibility to make it possible. Great teachers have concurred that the evil persists in the world because the good people avoid getting involved, making the job of exploiters easy . It's time for us to speak up against the criminals in the general and the ensuing injustice.

The least one can do is to speak up.

In February 2002, the state of Gujarat, India, witnessed the ugliest of all genocides in the Indian history, butchering and burning pregnant women, pulling their babies out of their womb, gang raping girls, burning people alive and slaughtering children mercilessly. When the extremist elements were on the killing spree, the State machinery tacitly gave permission to the killers to finish the Muslim community within three days.

The pogrom was well devised , the killers had the addresses of the Muslim owned businesses, and Muslim leadership, well coordinated through text messaging on the cell phones. According to the Union Minister, 1044 people were killed in all, that included 254 innocent Hindus and 790 Targeted Muslims leaving thousands homeless. The compensation paid to the survivors was also handled in discriminatory manner.

On February 27, 2002, in the town of Godhra in Gujarat, a compartment of a train called Sabramati Express was set afire when the train stopped leaving 56 Hindus burnt beyond recognition. It was alleged that the Muslims set the fire and poured the gasoline in the bogey carrying the 56 karsevaks (volunteers) returning from a pilgrimage to Ayodhya where a 16th century Mosque was razed to ground by the extremists claiming that it was built on a former temple.

Immediately following the Godhra incident, the State of Gujarat witnessed the ugliest of all genocides in human history; it also involved one of a Medical doctor by the name of Dr. Parveen Togadia.

According to the Human rights activists and reports, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi was tacitly involved in the carnage. The Federal government run at that time, did not condemn this mayhem, instead the home minister gave a clean chit to the Chief Minister.
The blame should be placed squarely on the individuals, not on their family, not on their religion and not on their ethnicity or culture. Blaming a religion is a futile, as no religion authorizes one to go kill. The Bhagavad Gita asserts "Vasudeva Kutumbam " " the whole world is one family " and the Quran, "saving one life is like saving the whole humanity " and " Killing one life is like killing the whole mankind ".

Our first Governor General and Philosopher Shri Rajagopalachari 's vision of a civilized society was to see a man, woman or a child regardless of the social status, or religious affiliation to be able to walk on any place in India, any time of the day or night without fear. We can make that happen, if we prosecute the criminals particularly those criminals who hold political offices and besmirch the nation and its people; and show to the society that we believe in Justice.

As a civilized society, we should not let any one hide in the garb of Religion. It insults the religion, and the criminals go Scot-free. Our Civil and Criminal laws on the books should be used against all people involved in Godhra train burning and the Gujarat massacre. No one should be above the law.

When every Indian believes that Justice will be served, and no one will take advantage of the other, that brings trust in government and peace in the nation allowing people to focus on prosperity.

We ask the President, the Prime Minister, members of the Rajya and Lok Sabha, the High Court of Gujarat and the Supreme Court of India to administer Justice including but not limited to dismissing the guilty individuals from power in the state of Gujarat. We request you to sign this petition because you care.

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